Benin ECTN Application

Benin ECTN Certificate & BESC Application

What Is ECTN?

ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) is a digital loading certificate with a unique number used by many African countries including Benin in order to monitor port traffic and prevent under declaration of the cargo value to the customs.It is mandatory to present a valid ECTN certificate at the arrival of the vessel to Benin ports or the cargo can not be cleared at customs and a penalty fee will be in question and other expenses such as demurrage fees.

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Which Documents Are Needed for Benin ECTN?

The following documents are required to issued Benin ECTN certificate:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight Invoice (if the freight value is not mentioned on the commercial invoice)
  • Packing List
  • Customs Declaration

It is not required to examine the cargo physically to issue the ECTN certificate. The certificate will be issued the basis on the document provided therefore all the documents must be in order and not have any discrepancies between the same.

What is the Procedure for Benin ECTN?

After submitting the required documents online you will be sent a draft certificate indicating the parties involved in the transportation, vessel & shipment details, cargo & container details. Reviewing the draft carefully, either confirm the same or submit any amendments required via e-mail. After confirming the certificate draft and completing the payment process the original certificate will be provided the same day. In case of any mistakes and wrong information on the original certificate, the cargo can not be cleared at the customs

The validated certificate can be amended for a fee of 20% of the certificate value.

Benin BESC Tariff & ECTN Price

You can send an e-mail to get a quotation with the loading port, discharge port, destination country and the quantity & size of the containers included on the BL. The costs vary depending on the country and the volume of the shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions for Benin BESC and ECTN

Do I Have To Get A New CTN For Each Shipment?

Yes, each Bill of Lading must be covered with a unique CTN number.

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Do I Need to Present the Cargo to Obtain the ECTN?

If the cargo is in transit through Benin you still need a Benin BESCcertificate in addition to the certificate of the destination country (Niger, Chad, Mali, Nigeria) or the cargo can not be cleared at the customs.

Do I Need to Post the Certificate to the Shipper with Post?

ECTN is a digital certificate and will be provided via e-mail as a soft copy. It will not be printed and sent to you.

If you have any inquiries and questions just send us. We gladly reply and solve your problems within 10 minutes.

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